Workshop is held at 17.00 on Sunday 7 May at the Congress Venue of the Department of Architecture, Muralla de l’Hospital (Bastioni Pigafetta) in Alghero, with the title “Sensing in grassland and forage science and practice”. The workshop will assemble people interested in this relatively new field in the grassland arena. It will address all possible sensor systems (e.g. spectroscopy, photography, laser, etc.) and their application in the various vegetation for forage use. The goals of the workshop are:

1. to exchange information on ongoing research

2. to learn about practical implementations

3. to discuss future joint projects.

This workshop is at the same time the constituting assembly for a new EGF working group.

Please send suggestions for contributions (presentation etc.) including a brief abstract to either of the three topics to . Suggestions for further topics are very welcome. People wishing to participate at the workshop send an informal registration to by April 1st. Those people who are interested in a collaboration in the EGF working group, but can not participate at the workshop, may give me a notice of their interest. You will be put on a membership list and you will be informed about upcoming working group activities. Looking forward to meeting you.

Michael Wachendorf (University of Kassel)

Download the Workshops and Welcome Drink venue maps

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