Instructions for poster presentations

Instructions for poster presentations

Poster format: the maximum poster size is 90 cm wide and 120 cm high. The ISO/DINA0 format is the most common.

Billsticking: posters will be sticked by use of adhesive tape (available in the hall).

Poster structure: posters must contain the following elements: title, author(s) and institution (placed at the top); a brief introduction, methods, results and conclusions. Conclusions are to be placed below the poster.

A photograph at the top right hand corner will help the audience identify the presenting author(s).

A poster is not a way to present the details normally contained in a scientific paper. Make sure that the message is clear and simple. The text should be kept to a minimum, and presentations (e.g. graphs, histograms and photographs) are strongly advised.

Appropriate use of colours improves readability.

Lettering: guidelines for minimum font size are the following:
– Poster title: 20 mm

– Author(s), institution: 13 mm

– Headings: 13 mm

– Body text: 9 mm

Poster presentation: at Registration, presenters are informed about where and when their poster is to be displayed. Poster number and contribution reference number are equal: posters are to be placed in the poster hall according to this identification number. Presenters shall stand in front of their poster during the designated display time for each poster session.

Poster prize: as per tradition, the best posters presented at EGF Conferences are awarded with the best poster prize.

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